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We love audio ads. Audio ads work. Listen to some of our favorites:

What is sellAring?

SellAring is a revolutionary mobile advertising network delivering powerful and innovative ad solutions. Our suite of advertising units includes:
1. Ring back ads up to 10 seconds long - audio ads that play during
    the “waiting time” while the mobile provider connects a phone call.
2. Post Call Click to Action Menu - effective performance based
    option-menu, delivered after a phone call is completed.

How does it work?

SellAring provide an SDK for app developers to embed in their free app; a user who installs it enjoys the app for free in return for hearing the SellAring audio ad before a call, and an action based menu, delivered after the call.


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Why SellAring pays more...

SellAring's out-app advertising model monetizes your entire installed base (and not just your active users as traditional in-app ad networks do), earning you significantly higher revenues.

In addition, SellAring's unique pre-call audio ad -- combined with its post call display ad -- results higher conversion (CTR) and CPL. That means you receive more money, from more people, at better conversion rates.

A Better User Experience

SellAring enables you to monetize your app
and provide a better user experience.
We keep your app clear and ad-free so that
users can enjoy the pure version of your work.
We have one plain agenda in mind, delivering
a better user experience for end users while
enabling app developers to earn a higher
income from their apps.

What’s in it for
app developers?

  • Your app remains 100% ad free, enabling a superior user experience.
  • We monetize your entire installed base
  • Our ads produce a higher response rate
    than traditional mobile banners
    (audio + post call menu)
  • Our app developers earn eCPM’s up to
    5 times higher than industry standard
  • You can combine with other ad networks
  • We offer a monthly revenue guarantee
    plan (for qualifying apps)
  • You control the SDK. Switch it on or off.
    It's in your hands

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